​​​​​​​Curriculum Vitae
Master's of Science in Geological Sciences (2020)
Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration
Bachelor's of Arts in Geology (2017)
Colgate University Geology Department
Cum laude, emphasis in geochemistry

Analytics Program Manager, Julius Edu (September 2023 to Present)
1. Thought leadership and strategic planning for the organization
2. Managing a team of 10+ contractors, from developers to data analysts

3. Analyzing datasets and presenting findings on platforms like Preset and Tableau
4. Organizing the creation of machine learning materials
5. Hiring and conducting interviews for potential employees
Freelance Writer, Editor, & Data Analyst, Prickly Press (December 2020 to September 2023)
1. Editing and writing copy (blog posts, social media, newsletters, etc.)
2. Writing copy/poetry for startup apps

3. Analyzing datasets
4. Social media management (Instagram)
5. Creating media for social platforms
6. Conducting interviews
Assistant Brewer, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co., AZ (August 2021 to March 2022)
1. Cleaning & sanitization 
2. Creating new recipes
Farming Internship, Cerro Vista Farm, NM (April-July 2021)
1. Helping with farm operations. Ex: plant care, newsletter production, farmers' market, CSA preparation
At-Home Tutor, Tucson, AZ (January-April 2021)
1. Developing reading, writing, and science curriculum for kindergarten students
2. Childcare
Team Lead at Community Outreach Group, Tempe, AZ (August-Nov 2020)
1. Leading a group of organizers in volunteer recruitment, schedule maintenance, and organizational skills
2. Recruitment and organizing schedules for volunteers
3. Reaching out to community members through texting and phone calls
4. Working with large lists of people using VAN 
5. Planning and executing large virtual events

Lead Prison Educator, School of Earth and Space Exploration Prison Education Program, Tempe, AZ (2018-2020)
1. Leading a group of volunteers to teach in a local prison in AZ

2. Developing a geology and astronomy curriculum for in-person teaching
3. Studying pedagogies best suitable for a prison environment
Graduate Research Assistant at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (2017-2020)
1. The effect of environment of the sulfur content of planetary cores
2. The origin of halogens at Hengill Volcano, Iceland
3. The psychology of human reaction to extraterrestrial life
4. Teaching assistant for SES 494, Introduction to the Interplanetary Initiative
Senior Editor for Interplanetary Initiative Community in a Box Publication, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (2018-2019)
1. Processing, evaluating, editing and publishing articles for the Community in a Box Project
3. Overseeing and aiding Junior Editors
4. When appropriate, writing articles for the publication
Research Assistant at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (2014-2017)
1. Fieldwork and study of San Cristóbal, Galápagos (2016)
2. Geochemical and petrographical analysis of Isla Rábida, Galápagos (2014-2017)
3. Diatoms as a proxy for climate change in Antarctica (2014-2015)
Outreach Coordinator at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (2016-2017)
1. Giving geology museum tours and planning outreach for elementary school students
2. Designing short geology curriculums for elementary students
Lab assistant at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA (2016)
1. Map programmer on the Kurz Popping Rocks Cruise 2016 using GMT
2. Cleaning of bathymetry data
3. Mounting of seamount basalts cosmogenic helium data collection from the Galápagos archipelago

Intern at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory in Volcano, Hi (2015)
1. Methane explosion energy calculation using Excel and hazard control
2. Mauna Loa fieldwork and mapping using GIS
3. Petrological changes in the 2014 Pahoa flows
Research Assistant at Yale University in New Haven, CT (2014)
Project: Magma wagging in Redoubt Volcano, Alaska using MATLAB

Science for Public Good Fund, Union of Concerned Scientists (2019)
Grant for $1k to pursue mining reform in Arizona with the Arizona Science Policy Network
Graduate College Fellowship, Arizona State University (2018)
Award for $10k to pursue geochemical modeling projects on 16 Psyche and Iceland.
Summer Exploration Graduate (SEG) Fellowship, Arizona State University (2018) 
Award for $2k to pursue fieldwork in Iceland.
Academic Awards
GSA Geoscience Education Division Travel Award, Geoscience Education Division (2019) 
GSA Cordilleran Section Student Travel Grant, Geological Society of America (2019) 
The Nininger Meteorite Award, Center for Meteorite Studies, Tempe, AZ (2019). Travel award to LPSC 2019.

The Norma Vergo Prize in Geology, Colgate University (2017)
For pushing excellence among fellow geology majors. Award for $500.
Lavender Graduate, Colgate University (2017)
For supporting members of the local LGBTQ community.
Dean’s Award with distinction, Colgate University (Spring 2017)

Dean’s Award, Colgate University (Fall 2014, Spring & Fall 2015)

Scholar-Leader Award, Amity Regional High School, CT (2013)

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Book Award, Amity Regional High School, CT (2012)

Bercovici, H. L. et al., (2022): The effects of bulk composition on planetesimal core sulfur content and size. Icarus. 
Bercovici, H. L., (2020): The effects of bulk composition on planetesimal core sulfur content and size, thesis. Arizona State University. 
Elkins-Tanton, L., Asphaug, E., Bell III, J., Bercovici, H. et al. (2020): Observations, meteorites, and models: A pre-flight assessment of the composition and formation of (16) Psyche, JGR.

Bercovici, H., Dolinschi, J., Dunham, E., Franco, G., Garani, J., Loescher, G. (2018): Northwest Africa 12281, Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

Kwon, J.Y., Bercovici, H.L., Cunningham, K., Varnum, M.E.W. (2017): How Will (Do) We React to the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life?
To see non-academic publications, go to my Technical Portfolio and Creative Portfolio.

Bercovici, H. L., Elkins-Tanton, L. T., Schaefer, L., O’Rourke, J.G. (2019): Planetesimal Cores May Come in Many Flavors; How Oxidation State Affects Core Sulfur Content. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. San Francisco, CA.

Bercovici, H. L. et al. (2019): Space Behind Bars: geology, astronomy and planetary science for incarcerated students are Eyman State Prison, AZ. GSA 2019. Phoenix, AZ. 
Bercovici, H.L. et al. (2019): The effect of bulk composition on the behavior of sulfur during core formation. LPSC 2019. Houston, TX. 
Bercovici, H.L. et al (2019): Northwest Africa 12281: The Story of an Unequilibrated LL3 Chondrite Through the Lens of Sawtooth Pyroxene. LPSC 2019. Houston, TX (abstract only)
Bercovici, H.L. & Elkins-Tanton, E.T. (2019): The partitioning of sulfur in the parent body of Psyche. Women in Space Conference 2019. Phoenix, AZ. 

Bercovici, H., et al. (2016): A Little Island with a Big Secret: Isla Rábida, Galápagos. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. San Francisco, CA.
Mahr, J., Harpp, K.S., Kurz, M.D., Geist, D.J., Bercovici, H., Pimental, R., Cleary, Z., Córdova Aguilar, M.D. (2016): Rejuvenescent Volcanism on San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos: A Late “Plumer”. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. San Francisco, CA. 
Pimental, R., Harpp, K.S., Geist, D.J., Bercovici, H., Mahr, J., Cleary, Z., Córdova Aguilar, M.D. (2016): Are You There Plume? It’s me, San Cristóbal: Geochemical Evolution of a Galápagos Island. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. San Francisco, CA.
Cleary, Z., Harpp, K.S., Mittelstaedt, E.L., Bercovici, H., Mahr, J., Pimental, R., Córdova Aguilar, M.D. (2016): Investigating Magmatic Processes on San Cristóbal, Galápagos Through Analysis and Modeling of Newly Acquired Gravity Measurements. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl. San Francisco, CA.
Bercovici, H. (2016): The Crystallization of a Dying Magma Chamber. 2016 NY6 Upstate Undergraduate Research Conference. Clinton, NY.
Bercovici, H., Geist, D., Harpp, K.S., Almeida, M. (2015): Evidence for a Dying Magma Chamber at Rábida Island, Galápagos. AGU Fall Meet. Suppl., San Francisco, CA.

VERGE – Press. Climate technology event. San Jose, CA (October 25-27, 2022).
Science Communication Conference Rocky Mountain West – Participant. Workshops and talks about effective science communication. Boulder, CO (October 19-20, 2019).

Climbing in Indigenous Lands – Participant, talks about climbing in Native areas (October 16, 2019). 

Arizona Science Advocacy Workshop – Participant. Discussion of science policy issues and techniques for communicating with political entities. Held by the Union of Concerned Scientists in Phoenix, AZ (June 14, 2019). 
Exploration Learning Workshop – Participant. Techniques, challenges, solutions, and practical examples of exploration learning. Held by the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ (May 13, 2019). 
Iron Meteorite Geochemistry – Participant. Understanding the chemical classification of iron meteorites and how it relates to structure (September 26, 2018).

EMAS 2018 – Participant. Microbeam Analysis in the Earth Sciences in Bristol, GB (September 4-7, 2018).
FWA Leadership Summit – Participant. Faculty Women’s Association Leadership Summit in Tempe, AZ (February 22, 2018).

Advanced Field Geology – Student. A semester long course studying the geologic history of northwest Arizona (August-December 2017).

Solid Earth Processes B – Student. A semester long workshop exploring mantle plume systems, on Earth and other planetary bodies (January-May 2017).
Solid Earth Processes A – Student. A semester long course that cumulates in a three-week field camp. The course and field camp focused on the Chilean Andes and subduction-style volcanism (August 2016-January 2017).

Cascades Field Camp – Student. A two-week long field course that explored the geology of the Cascades, subduction-zone style volcanoes in the western United States (August 2013).

• Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) 
• Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
• X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF)
• Electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA)
• Cameca ims-6F ion microprobe 

• Microsoft Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.)
• Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc.)
• Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Portfolio, Rush, Acrobat)

• Python
• Global Mapping Tool (GMT)
• GIS (Geographic Information System)

Maya's Farm, Volunteer, Tempe, AZ (2020)
Clark Park Community Garden, Volunteer, Tempe, AZ (2020)
Massaro Community Farm, Volunteer, Woodbridge, CT (2020).
Bethany Community Garden, Volunteer, Bethany, CT (2020).
Warren Campus Chapter, Student Leader, Tempe, AZ (2019-20). 
Arizona Science Policy Network, Member, Tempe, AZ (2019-20). 
Prison Education Program, Co-lead for SESE classes at local prisons, Phoenix, AZ (2018-20).
Union of Concerned Scientists Arizona Advocacy, Member, Phoenix, AZ (2019-20). 
Intel STEM Fair for Minority Girls, Volunteer, Phoenix, AZ (2018).
ASU K-12 STEM Education Program, Graduate student mentor, Phoenix, AZ (2018).
Undergraduate capstone project, Graduate student mentor, Tempe, AZ (2018).
High school internships, Graduate student mentor, Tempe, AZ (2018).
Colgate University Impulse, group for creating inclusion In STEM, Founder, Hamilton, NY (2017).
Colgate University Student Government, Positive Sexuality Liaison, Hamilton, NY (2016-2017). 
Hamilton Fire Department, Volunteer, Hamilton, NY (2014-2017).

• Earth-based climate change mediation tools and technology.
• Regenerative farming techniques to help build a more sustainable relationship between humans and nature. 

• How to sustainably develop and protect the planet’s marine and terrestrial resources.
• Applying technology and geology towards human-oriented fields, such as remote sensing to
respond to hazard control and emergency scenarios.
• Science education, particularly development of approaches for teaching science in the context of practical examples, as well as design of outreach programs for non-traditional students.
• Conservation efforts that use scientific reasoning and data for support.
• Science communication in academic and non-academic settings.