Preview - The Volkswagen Vanagon arrived at the farm in New Mexico on Monday evening after a panicked two and half day drive from Long Island Sound. While I had not been on that particular journey, I received dozens of pictures and text messages from my partner, Mitch. “Working in the back is actually not too bad, except it’s so comfy that I passed out,” was one message I received. Another late night one was, “This is gonna be a great adventure van, I'm super excited to get it all working the way we want it.” 
Preview - The ocean felt like a lukewarm bathtub, slightly warm but cold enough to be uncomfortable. The back of my throat contracted against the salt water. It tasted as if someone purposely mixed in the perfect amount of salt to cause my body to go into a hypertrophic state. I was seventeen, on a SCUBA diving trip with my family in the Cayman Islands. As soon as my body broke the water’s surface tension, I began deflating my BCD. I clamped my nose shut with my fingers. I breathed out and descended. As the ocean floor got closer and closer, pain through my ear canals. I reveled in the feeling of being underwater—sometimes the most uncomfortable sensations provide a sense of calm. My stomach clenched at the thought of descending the coral wall in front of me. I needed to see it all.
Preview - Building sustainable off-world communities will require every ounce of our collective knowledge, expertise, creativity, and imagination. This is part of a series of Q&A with people from a wide range of disciplines and expertise that challenges them to think about what they would put in a metaphorical “community-in-a-box” to help kick-start an extraterrestrial community, and why.

See the full essay here at the Interplanetary Community in a Box Project.
Preview - When we first announced our individual cruises, my sister Sarah and I were excited that we were going to overlap while at sea. But we were even more excited to learn that we are connected out here in a way few sisters can claim.
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